The first tower at ARG One.There are various characters and Gods in Greek mythology, who have inspired us to name the various towers at ARG One.

According to one of the folklores, Zeus was the king of the Gods, the ruler of the sky, the controller of law, order and fate. A symbol of strength and leadership, Zeus signified the epitome of power and respect. Argus was the son of Zeus and ruler of Argos.

Another story tells Argus to have had 100 eyes and a vision beyond regular. According to that story, only a few eyes slept at any point in time and the others were awake. Just like the tower you see on the left where the structure allows openness to light and to fresh air at all times.

Closer home, Argus would also stand for ARG and Us. A tribute to the fact that the building was envisaged after careful consultations with not just best professionals in the industry, but also the prospective dwellers.


Argus would lead the vision of ARG One, to be the epitome of 5 star and luxury living.