Aerodynamics weds Photo-engineering

Welcome to the pinnacle of innovative architecture at your new 5 Star Home where Aerodynamics and Photo – Engineering walk hand in hand. The ambitious and unique design adopted at Zeus, ARG One's first tower simply proves why this modern structure is not just any home. It is a re definition of what Jaipur has ever seen. Here is a multi sectional representation of this architectural marvel.

The ground view of this building showcases an impressive palatial architecture. It has well connected Winding Balconies till the top ensuring the systematic flow of air. Every home at ARG One is poised to give you shaded ventilation. Breathe easy, Inside and out!

As visible here in the cross sectional view of ARG One, the building alternatively opens out into different directions thereby allowing constant flow all around the building too. Every single unit is ensured constant supply of fresh air and shade. If all this wasn't enough, imagine a concept where the you are safe from the scorching summer heat and all season pollution, thanks to the design of your building!

When you live here, your field of vision isn't restricted. The dual options range from North & East views, South & West Views, South & East views, North & West Views! Truly, a Modern Masterpiece. The spectacular aerial view of every home has multiple patches of Greenery. 51 out of 61 of which have a third side Opening converted into an Impressive Triple Height shaded area. We believe the essence of a Five Star is perfection, at everything.